When it comes to magic we actually allow ourselves to be fooled, which is essentially Mind Over Matter. Some magicians also interpret this as the ability to withstand pain or even the possibility of death with a performance.

This is an exercise that takes time to learn and even after a great deal of practice it’s not always possible. You should never put yourself in harms way just to perform some incredible magic trick or illusion.

Magic Tricks For Mind Over Matter

Some magicians prefer to learn a magic trick before pushing the limits of that trick. This also means learning how far you can push the audience to believe what you’re performing is actual magic. Most people love to be fooled by even the simplest magic tricks. Card tricks are the easiest, but imagine making people believe that you made a fish bowl with water disappear!

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Making a fish bowl disappear may be a little more advanced, but the same concept applies. You are using the mind over matter concept.