This is an essential sleight in card magic and it’s not easy, but you can learn how to do it. There is also the double lift, which is much harder. I suggest that you start with card tricks because these are some of the most essential magic tricks that anyone can learn to perform. Imagine being able to grab any deck of playing cards and perform incredible card magic anytime!

Double Lift

The double lift makes it appear as though you’re only turning over a single card, but the magician is really turning over two cards. It’s an essential sleight of hand when it comes to card tricks.

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You need to get a break, which means getting a finger beneath the two cards. This allows you to turn over two cards, but the audience thinks you’re only turning over one card.

You’ll need to learn how to grab two cards like you’re only grabbing one card, but once mastered you’ll fool the audience every time.

Lifting Cards

I’ve given you the basics of performing a double lift on a deck of cards. This will take you plenty of practicing and then performing for others. Once you master the skill of a double lift you can fool almost anyone except Penn & Teller perhaps.

Click Here to grab a deck of magician cards to practice